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Show Advance Options when we talk about originality of content. We ensure that all content is original and have unique identity. Normally people steal others work and takes credit for it and this provide protection from it. So it is essential for a better and safer society for building peoples character on originality and purification of work.

Advantages of

  1. Providing free online check of plagiarism or duplication.
  2. Provide techniques how to avoid plagiarism.
  3. Provide solution to correct plagiarized work

As a free online plagiarism checker is a best place where someone can get good techniques to avoid plagiarism along with the solution to correct it.

It can be used in two ways:

  1. For checking of a text we received from another source either plagiarized or not.
  2. For checking of our own text weather it has bee published online before anywhere. can be used for checking of entire text by going through it one sentence at a time in both options. where you can check and examine every mach individually. It gives you a complete grip that you can check weather the whole text has been plagiarized or any part of it is plagiarized. is so simple and very much user friendly for use just paste your text in the box and where you can select whole file in a txt,doc or docx format.

It also brings immediate results for you where all the results are displayed by sentence in the order that they appeared in your selected text and you can find plagiarism matches very easily.

Why plagiarism checks are so important?

When someone use others work without their permission or without giving credit to them it will be the act of stealing intellectual property of someone. Where it is just like theft and illegal all over the world. People are unaware by this act which they are doing and they even don't know what they are doing is wrong. So unawareness about this is a big problem.

By we are educating people and preventing plagiarism at the same time. For giving knowledge about plagiarism that how you can recognize it we included some real life examples so you can easily find it if you come across it in future.

To find out unique and intellectual content from the trusted source is the perfect platform where you can check for plagiarism. People who use daily as part of their work or studies found it as a trusted source from all over the world.

What to do if you find that work has been plagiarized?

If shows you that the work you are checking is plagiarized then it is advised to consult with the relevant authorities either they are academic authorities or service providers because there are laws available in every field of life to discourage these kind of activities and very harsh penalties are imposed in some cases. If a student do this during his academic work he will lose his dignity in eyes of his fellows and teachers and also get the zero score for the plagiarized work.

But before putting your case in front of authorities you should have to check and noted the references that we noted in the text. As in case of poetry it would be like word-for-word and for book and quotations the format would be different.

If the author is credited with the work then it would not be act of plagiarism. If someone getting paid content from anyone then the real owner have no right to claim plagiarism for his own work. As in this case a legal activity performed by both parties involved.

Try it yourself it is for you. Lets go for a free trial.

As in this digital era it very hard to find a plagiarism checker which would be free and trustworthy. To build this kind of software is very difficult task specially in affordable price and with the team of quality professionals we worked hard to make as affordable as possible without compromising on quality. Our low price make us peoples first choice and we help them all over the world. For us we are playing our role to make this world safe and better for everyone

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